ICBF2017: 2nd annual Insurance-Canada.ca Broker Forum - Wednesday, March 1, 2017  

2017 Insurance-Canada.ca Broker Forum
“Disruption ⇒ New Realities, New Opportunities”

Wednesday, March 1, 2017, Allstream Centre, Toronto

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Get a head start on the forum at our 2017 Technology Conference, featuring the presentation of the 2017 ICTA Awards.

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  • Feb. 20: Increasing Retention through Telematics-Driven Claims
    Auto insurance has one of the highest Net Promotor Scores of any industry, yet nearly all auto insurers struggle to engage with their policyholders in a positive and constructive way. Telematics can play a significant role in improving engagement and improving claims management.
  • Feb. 16: One Step Towards Customized Pricing
    By Jean-Sebastien Guy, Korem
    Location has an impact on individuals' everyday activities. Living far from work increases daily travel time and accident risk. Such variables have been taken into account for years when establishing the amount of an insurance premium. But what about the precision with which we define the location of insured goods and surrounding risks? Wouldn't better precision have an impact on risk evaluation?
  • Feb. 12: Robo-Advisors to Humans: We're Here!
    Robo-Adviors are becoming common in investment planning. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with handling financial services on their own. And this is disrupting intermediaries.
  • Feb. 5: Is it Possible to Calm the InsurTech Blizzard?
    We are experiencing a blizzard of technologies and processes aimed squarely at changing the insurance industry. Early implementations show opportunities to improve the business of insurance – but the new technologies rely on a new business model that can be a bit threatening.
  • Jan. 29: Data & Analytics: Going to the Core of InsurTech
    In less than two years, InsurTech has become a topic du jour for insurance and technology professionals. But the discussion focuses on ease of use, and it misses some critical fundamentals.

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