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Good habits make you a better insurance risk. Use your kitchen safely.

Tip: Don't leave anything cooking unattended. Turn off the stove if you leave the room for more than a few seconds.

Most everyone in Canada has a home, be it a house, apartment, condominium or mansion. Whether the home is owned, rented or shared, some type of home insurance is advisable if not required. When a loss occurs to the home itself or to property within the home, insurance can help you to recover from the loss.

Liability insurance, usually associated with property insurance, can also help protect you if you accidentally do something which causes a loss to someone else. Although there are lots of special circumstances around some homes and property, the vast majority of homes can be insured with standard home insurance.

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Looking for a more affordable home insurance policy?

Square One policies start at only $15/month. These policies are so affordable because you choose what to insure so you only pay for what you need. For example, other policies include $6,000 for fur coat coverage and $5,000 for gold bullion. If you don't own fur coats or have bricks of gold, you don't pay to insure them with Square One.

As home insurance specialists, we offer a range of policies to meet your specific needs, including house insurance, condo insurance and tenant insurance. To see how much you can save on your home insurance, get an online quote now. Or, call 1.855.331.6933 and cite offer code INSCAN.

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Rest assured that your home and belongings will be taken care of if anything beyond your control were to happen with belairdirect's home insurance. Whether you're a renter, a condo owner or a homeowner, our insurance connects you to 24/7 Emergency Claims Service, to our Rely Network of specialised repair facilities, and to our Customer Service Guarantee.

belairdirect offers customized home insurance coverage to help you find the right insurance to fit your needs. Take advantage of discounts, bundles and benefits that can add up to big savings in the long run. For instance, when you combine your car and home insurance, you can save up to 15% on both car and home insurance.

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