Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I collect twice?
  2. How does Policy cancellation work?
  3. My husband and I own three cars. My son is only an occasional driver, but the insurance company wants to rate him as a full driver and charge a much higher premium, even though the cars are registered in my husband's and my name. Is this allowed?
  4. The insurance company cancelled my home insurance. Is it allowed to do this?
  5. My bank has requested that I purchase insurance to cover its interests in my mortgage. I already have life insurance to cover all my outstanding debts should I die before my wife does. Should I consider getting mortgage insurance as well?
  6. How do insurance companies decide what to charge for home insurance? My rates have gone up considerably, and I haven't even had any claims.
  7. Does everyone need to buy life insurance at some point?
  8. What is critical illness insurance, and how does it work?
  9. We are planning a trip with our car through the U.S. and into Mexico. Do we need special insurance to drive in those countries?
  10. If I purchase "all-risks" coverage, is earthquake insurance included, or do I have to pay for it separately?
  11. My daughter will be moving to the U.S. temporarily to attend college. She will be driving her own car there. Can she keep her Canadian insurance policy, or does she need to purchase insurance in the U.S.?
  12. I live with two roommates. Do we need separate home insurance policies?
  13. I have a condo in another province that I rent out. My current insurance company refuses to cover the condo any more, and I haven't been able to find anyone who will agree to insure it. Why not? What should I do?
  14. Do students studying abroad need additional health insurance?
  15. If I lend my car to a friend, and he has an accident, does his insurance cover it?
  16. If I have several claims on my homeowners policy, will I be penalized by the insurance company? After all, isn't that what I buy insurance for?
  17. Are life insurance payouts tax-free?
  18. Is the insurance company allowed to cancel my car insurance, even though I legally must have car insurance?
  19. My sister is immigrating to Canada in a few months. Will she need private health insurance, or will she be eligible for provincial health insurance when she arrives?
  20. I recently had a car accident. I was not charged by police, but now my insurance company is saying that I was at fault. How can it do this?
  21. My husband and I each have our own car. My husband recently had an accident, and the insurance company said he was at fault. Now the company wants to increase MY insurance premiums because of HIS driving record. Can it do this if my husband doesn't even drive my car?
  22. I am taking medication for a heart condition. Could I still qualify for private health insurance?
  23. I bought an "all risks" home insurance policy. Does that mean I'm covered for everything?
  24. If I buy a new car, is it automatically covered under my existing policy?
  25. If I want to increase my life insurance coverage later on, will I have to take another medical exam first?
  26. Is the insurance company allowed to replace parts in my car with used parts when repairing it after an accident?
  27. A squirrel got into my attic and caused considerable damage. However, my insurance company says it isn't covered by my homeowners policy. Why not?
  28. Can anyone get private health insurance?
  29. What happens if I don't or can't pay my life insurance premiums for a couple of months?
  30. If I have been driving for many years without a claim, but have an accident in which I am at fault, will my rates go up? How long does the accident stay on my record?
  31. If a friend breaks something in my house, can I claim for it under my homeowners policy?
  32. Does the type of car I drive affect the cost of my insurance?
  33. What happens to the death benefits on my husband's and my life policy if we are the beneficiaries of each other's policy, but we both die at the same time in a car accident?
  34. I read the other day about something called the "Facility Association." What is this?
  35. What the heck is going on with car insurance rates? Why are they so high?
  36. Do I need to buy additional insurance for moving, or are my belongings still covered under my home insurance?
  37. What happens if I get hit by a hit-and-run driver, or a car that isn't insured? Can I still claim for the damage to my car?
  38. What changes are planned for automobile insurance in Ontario to help reduce rates?
  39. What is a term to 100 policy? How does it differ from a whole life policy?
  40. I will be going away to university in the fall, and will be renting an apartment. Do I need separate insurance, or am I covered under my parents' homeowners policy?
  41. My elderly Mother lives in another province. When she comes to visit me, does she need out-of-province medical coverage?
  42. If I tell my insurance company that I am a non-smoker when I apply for disability coverage, and I take a cigarette occasionally, what will happen if the company finds out? Will it cancel the policy?
  43. If my car door is replaced following an accident, but the paint doesn't exactly match the other doors, shouldn't my insurance pay for repainting the whole car?
  44. I have a home office. Do I need special insurance on my office equipment?
  45. I am shopping around for disability insurance. What is the difference between "own occupation," "regular occupation," and "any occupation" policies?
  46. Is there insurance that will help pay for care if I become too infirm to look after myself?
  47. What does my insurance cover if my house is destroyed in a fire?
  48. If I stop driving for a number of years and then start again, will I have to pay for my insurance as if I were a new driver?
  49. If I have claims under my Comprehensive auto insurance, will my rates go up?
  50. How long do I have to go back in reporting an accident or traffic ticket on my insurance application? Will the company find out about it if I can't remember?
  51. What if I decide not to replace an item that has been damaged or stolen, or if I want to replace it with something different? Can I get the cash for it instead?
  52. I am self-employed. Can I buy my own health insurance plan?
  53. Do I get penalized on my insurance for speeding tickets? How does the insurance company know if I have received any tickets?
  54. I am doing some renovations on my house. Do I have to tell my insurer?

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