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Is the Purpose of Digital to Make Analog Better?

I own a good number of vinyl records, some going back almost five decades. I like the experience of vinyl better than any other reproduction of music. That said, much of the electronics that support playing the vinyl are fully digital. Is there a lesson here for digital generally, and digital insurance specifically? I’d like… Read more »

The Agent Advisor: Virtual, but Very Real

Watson, the computer made famous for winning on the quiz show Jeopardy!, is getting a lot of media attention. Already, the medical profession has already adopted Watson Oncology Advisor to advise physicians in selecting appropriate treatment protocols for their patients. Watson and cognitive computing has captured the imagination of leading insurers and banks who are… Read more »

Who is Driving the Digital Customer Experience?

For the last two decades or so, insurers and brokers have focused on internal systems and processes in order to improve efficiencies for underwriting, claims, and client service. Marketing had little involvement. The model is changing, with marketers leveraging technology to  drive the agenda for customer interaction, with  interesting implications for the whole enterprise.  The 13th annual… Read more »

USAA and Watson: Defining the Standard for Customer Service?

Some marriages are made in heaven; others are made in Las Vegas. It’s early days yet, but I think the marriage of IBM’s Watson technology with USAA’s insurance and financial services is made in customer service wonderland.  If implemented correctly (and I will tell you what I think about that), this could be the standard… Read more »

Effective Social Media Tactics for Agents/Brokers

Nothing succeeds like success. At the February meeting of the Agents Council for Technology (ACT), Terry Golesworthy of the Customer Respect Group shared information on successful social media strategies and tactics for independent insurance agents and brokers. He was joined by some practitioners on a panel. We think they offer some good, common sense advice. … Read more »

The New Reality of the Insurance Marketing Function

As a longtime insurance expert, I’ve noticed interesting changes taking place in the industry. While insurance carriers continue spend a large portion of their technology budget on underwriting, policy administration and claims, the marketing function is emerging in importance. The Rise of the CMO We’ve seen dramatic changes taking place on the Life insurance side…. Read more »

How Do Consumers Want To Be Served? Do We Know, or Think We Know?

“How may I help you?” It seems like an innocent enough question, but our success going forward  may depend on knowing the correct answer for each prospect or customer we serve.  Specifically, we need methods to understand each consumer’s attitude about how much of his or her personalized information we can (or cannot) use. This… Read more »

Consurmerization of Insurance and IT: Who Are Your Role Models?

The focus on the consumer is nothing new for insurers, but the focus on the on-line consumer is.   As we ponder how we will shape insurance products and services for the on-line consumer of the future (who is likely in our client file or on our prospect list now), one of the best questions… Read more »

Social Media Insurance Strategies – A Tale of Two Insurers

As insures and agents/brokers think about how to use social media in business, there is an interesting compare and contrast of two approaches that is materializing in the real world.  This is articulated nicely in a recent post by Terry Golesworthy, President of The Customer Respect Group, in Insurance Networking News. On the one hand,… Read more »