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The Rollout of Automated Driver Assistance Systems and the Impact to Insurance Costs

Long available as high-end luxury vehicle options, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are now offered on a number of 2017 vehicle models. For example, Toyota Safety Sense offers an ADAS bundle that will be included as standard on the majority of Canadian models starting with the 2017 model year. How is the insurance industry responding… Read more »

Threats, Opportunities & The Future of Insurance

We normally write about technology’s impact on the process of insurance.  However, respected analysts and practitioners suggest that the cause / effect relationship between  technology and the business of insurance is blurring.  We cite examples below and are developing a program which will explore this further at the Executive Forum (ICEF2015) on August 31, 2015. PWC’s… Read more »

Some (Conditionally) Encouraging News for Brokers

Two recent reports are suggesting that the independent broker channel may have positive prospects, if (big ‘if’) its members can embrace rapidly emerging trends in business and technology.  We’d like your thoughts on this possibility. The channel needs to change as fast as the consumer … A recent Swiss Re Sigma report,  “Digital Distribution in… Read more »