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The Organizer’s Perk: Being a Fly on the ICTC2016 Wall

Organizing a conference is a lot of work, but it has its perks.   One big one is sitting in on meetings with really smart people talking about present and future challenges and opportunities.  Let me share examples from panels at the 2016 Technology Conference. Hit the Road Our friend, Catherine Kargas, from MARCON, has… Read more »

Big Data: On Carts, Horses, Lamborghinis, and Executives

Big Data is a hot insurance topic these days. The capability to use Big Data could even be a fundamental anchor for future profitability. But early forays are suggesting that there are big risks around getting lost in the process. Executives need to create a way to put the cart and horse in the right order…. Read more »

2014 in the Headlights

It’s time for our annual attempt to read tea leaves for the coming year. We’ve picked a few of the major developing areas. We also see a larger trend which may begin to manifest itself in 2014. We’d like your thoughts on our prognostications and we welcome your forward-looking thoughts.  Have a read and let… Read more »

Innovation in Insurance: Different Views on Status and Direction

We have heard a lot about the need for innovation in insurance generally and using technology specifically.  As we enter the last quarter of 2013, two leading analysts seem to be taking somewhat different views on where insurance innovation stands and where it might go. We’d like your thoughts. Innovation is so pervasive, it looks… Read more »

Is Data Forcing Modern Systems to Stay in Second Gear?

There has been significant emphasis in the past few years on rapid execution of implementation plans for large systems. Agile methodologies and modern technologies allow significantly shorter timelines from the decision stage to lights-on.  However, the delivery of strategic goals may not follow as quickly, as we cope with our increased need for more, and… Read more »

Can IT Be Aligned with Turbulence?

Within the IT management community, “alignment” has been a hot topic for some time.  If, as some suggest, the insurance industry is on the edge of some fundamental, possibly existential challenges, the question might be, “align with what?” What is ‘Alignment’, Anyway? A frequently cited review of literature by Chan and Reich, ‘IT Alignment: What… Read more »

Where Does Old Data Fit in the Modern Insurance World?

Among the many reasons cited for converting from legacy to modern administration systems, improving access to historical data tends to appear low on the list if it is mentioned at all.  Some argue that this is as it should be.  Others suggest that ignoring existing data could put legacy conversion projects at risk, and recommend… Read more »

Innovation and IT: Are We Planning for Failure?

There is tremendous demand for growth and innovation in the industry these days.  And there is a lot of emphasis the the critical role that modern technology plays in meeting this demand.  Is the reality bearing out the demands put on technology?  And, if not, what can we do to improve our results? Theory and… Read more »

Implementing Mobile – User Assumptions and Security Realities

An increasing amount of data suggests that consumers and employees are assuming that mobile technologies – smartphones and tablets – will become integrated in insurer offerings  and accepted as normal business tools.   And a number of insurers hare moving from pilot projects to production applications.  One outstanding question is: are security methods and procedures keeping… Read more »

Occupy On-line Distribution; Mobile for the 99%

We recently posted on the pressure new technologies – especially on-line/ mobile technologies – are having to blur lines between channels for insurers.  Turns out some of that blurring working to the advantage of smaller insurers and independent distributors. For example, Insurance & Technology recently noted that a relatively small organization, Plymouth Rock Assurance. a… Read more »