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Is UBI Trapped in a Cul-de-sac?

After a tire-burning leap out of the starting gate, the smoke is clearing around UBI in Canada and it’s looking like it might have been steered into a dead-end. Is it stuck, or will it one day find the open road? Let me know what you think. Assume a killer app … At an automotive… Read more »

Are You (Digitally) Experienced?

Ok. Boomers, the title of this post is a not-too-subtle nod to Jimi Hendrix, and I will drag him in later.  Before I do, we’ve got to talk about the Digital Customer Experience.  At the end, I do want your thoughts on this. Can insurance be a digital ‘experience’? According to my reading of the… Read more »

AXA: Just a One-Bullet Digital Insurer? (We Think Not)

Recently, our friend Denise Garth from SMA posted a blog on a ‘game-changing’ announcement:  AXA France and Facebook entering into a strategic partnership.  This post has quickly made the rounds and caused the count of exclamation marks in emails and tweets to increase geometrically, as other insurers try to absorb the implications of  a global… Read more »

Changing Driver Behaviour – Can UBI Deliver?

Clearly audible amid the buzz surrounding UBI in Canada is the expectation that it will be effective in changing driver behaviour, i.e., it will help drivers improve their skills. This is exciting because a corollary of improved skill is reduced loss costs making changing driver behaviour an important selling point for insurers contemplating a push… Read more »

Telematics: Thinking Beyond Discounts

Telematics insurance announcements continue for Canada.  Up to this point, the enticement for drivers has been price.  However, there are indicators that price efficiency is only a start for customer engagement with Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) programs. The Technology Conference will provide a forum for examining alternative approaches.  In a run up to that, we… Read more »

Can Insurers Break Through to a New Plane of Digital Engagement with UBI?

Reports indicate that insurers have hit a low plateau in the implementation of consumer engagement strategies using digital technologies. There may be a unique opportunity, in the form of Usage-Based Insurance (UBI), which could allow a transformational breakthrough into the brave, new, digitally-engaged world. We’d appreciate your thoughts. What’s causing the blockage? As reported on… Read more »

Is Usage Based Insurance a Pathway to Greater Privacy, Not Less?

As industry interest in Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) grows, familiar concerns with respect to privacy surface with each launch of new UBI products. It is all but guaranteed that the “Big Brother” aspect of it will garner some significant portion of the media’s focus when they report on it.  It all might seem pretty ominous for the consumer,… Read more »

In the Spring, Do Canadian Insurers’ Thoughts Turn to … Telematics?

With apologies to Lord Tennyson,  it appears that insurers might be putting telematics slightly ahead of other fancies in Spring 2013.  Part of the evidence is a mysterious ad campaign.  Are you feeling the pull? Rumblings In The Wind We have been noting the progress of telematics-based insurance offerings  in various geographies, such as the… Read more »

Telematics Driving Improved Behaviour With Lower Premiums, Other Benefits

Some of us may not want to admit it,but we may need to be incented to drive better.  Response to this seems to be  leading to lower insurance rates for a typically expensive category of drivers.  Our question to you:  as good as this seems, is the change sustainable without costs exceeding value? Telematics as… Read more »