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AI: The Computing We Always Wanted?

With all of the discussions about InsurTech, Disruption, Innovation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) may  be poised to slide in seamlessly and radically change how we do business.  Are we realizing what we thought computing should be? Where is AI now in insurance? We are already seeing implementations of AI.  Lemonade, which is bringing a new model… Read more »

Enhancing Digital With Psychology? The Doctor Can Help!

You are designing a website which will provide quotes on a great new product suite.  In addition to insurance coverage, this site must link to related products and services that will engage the customer. You’re confident in your technical skills, but how do you make it engaging? Perhaps you need a doctor. Why do I… Read more »

Selective Innovation: Reason for Celebration or Contradiction in Terms?

Criticizing insurers for their lack of innovation and technical progress has been a sport for at least 3 decades.  The most recent focuses on ‘digital transformation’.  The reality is that many insurers are very innovative, but not always focused on organizational transformation.  As an industry, are we missing the boat, or floating as best we… Read more »

Is Digital Changing Insurance Fundamentals?

We’ve spilled a fair amount of virtual ink on the use of digital technologies to market, sell, and service insurance.  That’s pretty straightforward.  More difficult is assessing the impact of digital technology on the core processes of insurance: underwriting, pricing, risk management, and claims. If we are seeing digital being leveraged in these areas, there… Read more »

Will Insurers Help Consumers Get Ready for the Internet of Things?

We’re starting to hear real buzz around insurance and the Internet of Things (IoT). On the personal lines side, the only fly in the premium ointment might be the consumer, who may not be ready – or willing. However, insurers could have impact here by showing leadership (and perhaps improving results while grabbing a bit… Read more »

What’s a Nice Insurer Like You Doing with a Sensor Like That?

American Family Insurance and Microsoft Corp. recently announced the establishment of a business accelerator which will focus on home automation.  According to the release, “the accelerator will help the next generation of startups create advancements that can help lead to safer and smarter homes.” We also think that this will help American Family get a… Read more »

Mobile: Is There An App for Core Sytems Replacement?

It is patently obvious that mobile technologies – including smartphones and tablets – are becoming increasingly useful tools.  As a result, a number of insurers have undertaken initiatives to extend selected functions – finding an agent/broker, getting a quote, reporting a claim to mobile devices.  What is less obvious is that mobile is entering the… Read more »