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InsurTech: Threats or Opportunities for Insurers?

When traditional P&C insurers look at the world of InsurTech firms, there are two common reactions: InsurTechs are a flash in the pan: They have some slick customer interfaces, but not enough depth to be a lasting concern; InsurTechs will disrupt our business model: They will process the business with zero friction and take a… Read more »

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Can we Crack the Insurance Shopper’s Genome With Half the DNA Sequence?

Experts suggest that the consumer digital journey is similar in complexity to genome sequencing.  If that’s true,  why do segments of the insurance community feel that they can get all of the information they require with only half of the data that’s available? We’d like your thoughts on this. Earlier this month, two McKinsey & Company experts… Read more »

Latest Prediction on Agents’ Future: Old News or New Challenges?

In September 2013, McKinsey & Company published a report on the future of agents in P&C insurance distribution.  It contained some dire predictions for both captive and independent agents in the US.  The major independent agent associations disagreed with the premises and conclusions of the report. We think that there are some important truths in… Read more »