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Pilots on the Disruption Path

The 2017 Insurance-Canada Technology Conference and The 2017 Broker Forum, have now come and gone. But their impacts remain. Over the next few weeks, I will reflect back on key elements. To the best of my knowledge, the first and the last speaker didn’t spend much time comparing notes. Yet these two were complementary pilots… Read more »

The Road To 2023 Is Paved With Data, Analytics, and Good Stories

Of all the trends identified by the Insurance 2023 Group, Data and Analytics were the two that permeated most of the discussion.  It is clear the insurance engine is fueled by data and guided by analytics.  On this basis, the results of any insurance organization is only as powerful as its data are rich; and… Read more »

Telematics Momentum Driving Insurance Data Standards Development

The increasing use of Telematics in the UK,  US,  and Europe is driving data standards development activity.  One industry leader believes standards are key to maintaining consumer confidence while telematics momentum increases. In a March 15th press release, Wunelli, Ltd., a UK based supplier of telematics solutions to the motor (automobile) insurance community, announced that… Read more »