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Increasing Policyholder Retention through Telematics-Driven Claims

Auto insurance has one of the highest Net Promotor Scores™ of any industry, yet nearly all auto insurers struggle to engage with their policyholders in a positive and constructive way. Telematics can play a significant role in improving engagement and improving claims management. Low engagement, combined with highly price elastic customers, leads to the insurance… Read more »

Customer Experience Focus: Worth the While?

Insurers are realizing that improving customer experience (CX) can bolster the bottom line.  The good news is that digital tools align well to support improved CX.  The bad news is that real changes are not sustainable without more fundamental transformation at the technology and business levels. On balance, is this worth your while? Consumers are… Read more »

Some (Conditionally) Encouraging News for Brokers

Two recent reports are suggesting that the independent broker channel may have positive prospects, if (big ‘if’) its members can embrace rapidly emerging trends in business and technology.  We’d like your thoughts on this possibility. The channel needs to change as fast as the consumer … A recent Swiss Re Sigma report,  “Digital Distribution in… Read more »

Balancing Digital & Personal Communications: Twitterus Vobiscum?

Pope Francis weighed in on balancing digital and personal communication last week.  While His Holiness was focusing on good works and matters of the soul, His words reflect what analysts and consultants are finding to be good counsel in creating a balance between digital and personal communication concerning matters of insurable interest. Communication will be… Read more »

Regulation and Consumer Satisfaction: A Tale of Two E-Commerce-in-Insurance Reports

The insurance consumer was in the spotlight of a couple of reports recently.  A discussion paper issued by the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR) on regulation of electronic commerce in insurance has met its goal of stimulating discussion.  Meanwhile, a report by J.D. Power on consumer satisfaction with insurance put forth some interesting data… Read more »