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Consumers’ Views of Digital Insurance Distribution Strategies

Digital distribution is a hot topic for insurers. The advent of new digital options, combined with new potential competitors, has increased the volume of discussion. In our experience, much of this is internally focused, with consumer preferences represented by personal preferences of insurer staff. We recently came across a white paper which focused on consumers’ views… Read more »

Does the Digital Direction Have a Devolutionary Detour?

Last week, at the 2015 Technology Conference, Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner said that at present, Canadian consumers are not being easily swayed toward the new digital insurance landscape. At the Davos Economic Forum this past January, Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt quipped that in the not-too-distant future, the Internet… Read more »

How to Improve Success in Business Transformation

With all of the disruptive factors at play, ‘business transformation’ has become a strategically significant topic. This is healthy, demonstrating that senior leaders are aware of existential challenges. Commentators suggest that while there is a general understanding of the requirements and processes involved in business transformation, several factors are causing a relatively low rate of success, including: underestimating the… Read more »

2015 Trends: A Year of Living Data-ly

It’s time for us to take our annual stab at trends and directions that are going to influence insurance technology for the next 12 months.  Last year, we saw interconnectedness as an overaching theme.  This year, we see that theme contributing to a larger construct:  The need to effectively cultivate, utilize and protect our most… Read more »

The Digital Dilemma: What To Do With Persistent Analogs

Here is my “shoemaker’s son” confession:  In the emerging digital environment, I am still a bit of an analog.  While I appreciate lots of digital tools, I still cling  to some 20th-century analog artifacts.  So, to my suppliers, I ask:  As you move to the fully digital world, what will you do about people like… Read more »

CRM: Old Technology At The Eye of the Perfect New Technology Storm

Some of you have commented that we’ve been harping on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for sometime now, without a whole lot of solid reasoning. Fair comment. What we’d like to do on this almost perfect summer’s afternoon is to take a weather reporter’s view of CRM. We’ll look to the past for evidence of incorrect… Read more »

Is Insurance CRM Dead, or Does It Just Smell Funny?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has had a chequered history in the insurance industry.  There is significant potential value, but precious little that has been realized.  The question is, can this change? Here’s my experience … The second IT project I worked on in the insurance industry was developing and deploying a CRM solution for multi-line… Read more »

Modernization: An Efficient Option to Systems Replacement

While a lot of organizations are bringing in new technology to solve their legacy system problems, others aren’t willing to spend multiple millions without looking at alternatives.  Many of these are finding “legacy modernization” brings much of the benefit without an eight-figure price tag. Why Modernize? Gartner’s recent survey; “Top 10 Technology Trends Impacting Life… Read more »

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Social Media Policy and the Insurer: Aligned or Self-destructive?

A colleague of ours recently related a story which reminded us that we are still talking from both sides of our mouth when it comes to using social media. We’re wondering how prevalent this situation is and what you think can or should be done. What’s good for the goose might not make it to… Read more »

Can IT Be Aligned with Turbulence?

Within the IT management community, “alignment” has been a hot topic for some time.  If, as some suggest, the insurance industry is on the edge of some fundamental, possibly existential challenges, the question might be, “align with what?” What is ‘Alignment’, Anyway? A frequently cited review of literature by Chan and Reich, ‘IT Alignment: What… Read more »