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AI: The Computing We Always Wanted?

With all of the discussions about InsurTech, Disruption, Innovation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) may  be poised to slide in seamlessly and radically change how we do business.  Are we realizing what we thought computing should be? Where is AI now in insurance? We are already seeing implementations of AI.  Lemonade, which is bringing a new model… Read more »

Where Does Old Data Fit in the Modern Insurance World?

Among the many reasons cited for converting from legacy to modern administration systems, improving access to historical data tends to appear low on the list if it is mentioned at all.  Some argue that this is as it should be.  Others suggest that ignoring existing data could put legacy conversion projects at risk, and recommend… Read more »

Telematics and Usage-Based Insurance: Usage to Innovation to Disruption

While the use of Telematics is just getting traction (pun intended) with insurance in Canada, it seems that some organizations elsewhere have already started releasing innovative product and marketing twists to engage, and retain, customers. is currently conducting a survey and is looking for your opinions and questions to pose to an expert panel… Read more »

Want to Connect Productivity, Engagement and Profitability? Tell IT There’s An App for That!

If you heard an executive say, “In order to satisfy our need for growth, we must do more with less in order to delight our customers by deploying consumerized technology to engaged employees,” would you worry that she had been hard-wired to a hyperbolic buzz-word machine?  Well, it might be that she had just encapsulated… Read more »

Policy Admin Systems Turn 50; But What’s Their Life Expectancy?

The Insurance Policy Administration System (PAS) just turned 50.  Quite an accomplishment.  But, is its long-term future guaranteed?  Some recent developments and comments are suggesting that the Policy Administration System in its current, singular form might have served it purpose and that the future may belong to a more hybrid environment.  We’d really like your… Read more »

Is This the Way Competition Ends: Not With a Bang, But a Widget?

Is a new app designed to make quoting and prospecting easier for smaller insurers and brokers an easy on-ramp to a social media road paved with gold, or will it turn out to be a tool underpinning the largest threat these players have ever seen?  Have a read and let us know what you think…. Read more »

Should Insurance-Technology be an Academic Discipline?

Recruiting IT professionals for insurance companies can be challenging for a variety of reasons.  A recent article suggested that alignment by insurers with colleges and universities offers some relief.  We’re wondering if an extension of this – creating an academic discipline focusing on Insurance and Technology – makes sense.  Do you think this idea has… Read more »

Portals or Real Time: What Do Brokers/Agents Prefer?

What do brokers/agents prefer when it comes to electronic linkage with carriers?  Two recent reports give what appeared to be diametrically opposing view points based on survey data, and raised the volume of the debate.  We’d like to know what you think. ACT, the technology arm of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America… Read more »