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Welcome to The Interesection: An Blog

Welcome to The Intersection, an Blog. Since 1995, has been devoted to providing technology/insurance content through its web site, seminars, conference, and newsletters.  The website has become a meeting  point for insurance and technology professionals and consumers.  The Intersection is intended to extend the distribution and expand the content, Hence the sub-title:  Where… Read more »

Employees’ Home Technology Trumping Work Tools?

We recently commented on research indicating that an increasing number of organizations are accommodating employees bringing personal technology to work.  More evidence is surfacing that there is general employee dissatisfaction in Canada with current tools as compared with those available personally.  Further, within the insurance industry in the US, it seems that there is pressure… Read more »

Major Challenges to BI – Redux

A few days ago, we posted on a Novarica report which provided insight on Major Challenges to Business Intelligence.  The largest inhibitors for insurers seemed to be systems/data related (core systems inflexibility, poor data quality,  lack of standards for data).  Now a major study by the IBM Institute for Business Value in collaboration with MIT… Read more »

Being ‘Social’ Just Isn’t Enough

  There are lots of success stories around social media these days.  It is important to remember that just being ‘social’ doesn’t guarantee success. IT World Canada recently did a look back on 7 Social Technologies that died in 2010.  All come from well known technology companies. In case you don’t recognize the logo here,… Read more »

Major Challenges of Business Intelligence

According to a recent Novarica study, Business Intelligence in Insurance: Current State, Challenges, and Expectations, some of the major challenges facing insurers in implementing Business Intelligence solutions come from data access and data quality. Solving this requires addressing questions such as: How do I consolidate duplicate information and ensure accuracy? How do I deal with… Read more »

But It Followed Me to Work

A hot topic among IT and HR managers is the trend for workers to bring their own personal technology to work, and expect to incorporate it seamlessly into their tool kit. Although the jury is very much out, it seems that a number of organizations are accepting this trend as inevitable, and looking to make… Read more »

CIOs: Death in the Clouds?

Predictions are that Cloud Computing might be the roadmap to the future, but a recent posting on the Celent blog suggests that it might be a dead end street for some professions. Many of us have heard rumours of the demise of the technical CIO in insurance organizations for years. The argument goes that given… Read more »

The Social Media ‘Branch’

When discussing resources required to support social media, a colleague of mine came up with a neat concept. She said that the social media initiative of an insurer or broker should be thought of as the organization’s next ‘branch’. The amount of resources assigned should relate to the type of functions performed in the ‘branch’… Read more »

Are You Having Too Much Success Exhibiting @ Trade Shows?

If you seem to be having too much success when you exhibit at trade shows (getting too many leads, having too many people come directly to your booth, etc.), you should read: 11 ways to ensure you have a results-free trade show at the InfoExecutive Web Site. It is a whimsical list of suggestions to… Read more »

Strategy and Measurement are Keys to Navigating the New Insurance Normal

Opening the ACORD Implementation Forum in Fort Lauderdale this week, a panel of senior insurance technology executives, moderated by Celent’s Donald Light, reviewed the ‘New Normal’ for insurance organizations and agreed that the future needs to be navigated carefully, guided by increasingly precise measurement of actions and impacts. Light, in his opening comments, said that… Read more »