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Robo-Advisors to Humans: We’re Here!

Sci-Fi has relied on robotic advisors since the genre was launched, and for good reason: They improve the lives of humans. This science-fiction is finally being realized, and if you squeeze your eyes tight and look at the horizon, you can see the future forming for insurance. Who is Mr. Robo and What Does He… Read more »

Marketing Disruption – The Future of the Insurance Promise

Disruption is challenging the construct of the insurance product, which leads to a crucial question: How do we convince consumers that existing insurance organizations are still needed? A new commercial is starting down this road. And reviewing some alternative ads might be in order. We’d like your thoughts. The End of Automobile Insurance Back in… Read more »

InsurTech: Going Hard or Hardly Going?

To avoid being ‘disrupted,’ and – potentially – to improve the balance sheet, some insurers are driving experimentation of Insurance Technology (InsurTech). However, some initiatives are geography-specific and, from a global industry perspective, the commitment is underfunded. Is this just the nature of today’s innovation paradigm, or are we treating InsurTech as a lower priority?… Read more »

Celent Innovation and Insight Day: Pride and Optimistic Uncertainty

Last week, I attended Celent’s Innovation and Insight Day. I found my (Canadian) nationalistic pride reinforced, my questions about the evolution and impact of FinTech and InsTech addressed, and even a boost for my (American) nationalistic pride. Don’t Forget the Alamo Celent CEO Craig Weber opened the day by describing what he believes is the… Read more »

Accenture’s Vision of Insurance: 5 Trends and a Great Plot

I have the opportunity of  reading a lot of interesting, forward-looking material related to insurance technology.  While most have some value points, few have the detail and holistic view that I found in the Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2015. It is well presented and has specific conclusions that will challenge many of us, for… Read more »

Data Governance: Under New Management?

A recent post in SearchContentManagment posed the question: “Is 2015 finally the year of the data governance plan?” Bravely, they also provided their answer: “No.”  While I agree with the logic that led there, I disagree with the conclusion. I think there is another corporate group that is working on all the components now and could… Read more »

Zen and the Art of Engagement Maintenance

A lot of the technology rolling out these days is focused on ‘engaging’ us. As slick as these technologies are individually, the really fine art is bring them together in a seamless customer experience.  This is being referred to as ‘omnichannel.’ Other sectors are making strides. How do you think the insurance community is doing? We’d like… Read more »

Are You (Digitally) Experienced?

Ok. Boomers, the title of this post is a not-too-subtle nod to Jimi Hendrix, and I will drag him in later.  Before I do, we’ve got to talk about the Digital Customer Experience.  At the end, I do want your thoughts on this. Can insurance be a digital ‘experience’? According to my reading of the… Read more »

On Being Re-skinned: Welcome to The Intersection’s New Look

As you likely noticed (if you’ve come by this blog before), we’ve been re-skinned! It didn’t hurt too much, really, and we believe the updated look and feel, combined with new features, will make your experience with the Intersection more rewarding. We hope you’ll let us know. How did this all start? Back in October, 2010, we… Read more »

Climate Change Day Musings: Lessons from The Marshalls on Insurance and Technology

On this day of Climate Change Awareness,  I am proud of the leadership role that the insurance industry is playing in raising awareness of climate change impact, and supporting change adaption and remediation. If you are not aware of our industry’s activities combating the effects of climate change, take a moment to check them out… Read more »