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The Agent Advisor: Virtual, but Very Real

Watson, the computer made famous for winning on the quiz show Jeopardy!, is getting a lot of media attention. Already, the medical profession has already adopted Watson Oncology Advisor to advise physicians in selecting appropriate treatment protocols for their patients. Watson and cognitive computing has captured the imagination of leading insurers and banks who are… Read more »

Insurance in the Democratic Republic of The Internet of Things

Technology scholars occasionally refer to the “Democratization of Technology”.  This refers to the phenomenon of technology becoming increasingly accessible to more people. The recent rise of the Internet of Things  is a classic example, and has important implications for the practice of insurance. will be sponsoring a series of upcoming webinars on these implications. In… Read more »

Competitive Ground Changing for Brokers and Direct Writers

I was recently mandated to moderate a series of focus groups with P&C insurance brokers. In the context of these groups, one of the topics discussed was how brokers would compete with direct writers in the short to medium term.  After some discussion, there was a new twist on an old conversation.  I’m still trying… Read more »

Time-Based Insurance and The Data-Driven Broker: A New Model?

Hugh McTavish is a broker on a mission – one that disrupts traditional commercial auto insurance servicing, and, as a byproduct, actually causes clients to understand insurance. And all this because he got bit by the data bug. We’d like to know what you think about his approach. Making data make sense out of insurance… Read more »

Have Pity on the ICTA Jury; It’s Your Fault, After All

The Technology Awards (ICTA) jurists are good, honest, hard-working people. So why do we treat them so badly? There is really only one reason:  You made us do it. The least we all can do is take some pity on them and be very kind to them when you seen them in March. About… Read more »

The Future of Insurance: Virtual Assistants

Editor’s Note: Andrea is the  Watson Transformation Leader, IBM Financial Services. We get this question often: Will platforms like Watson impact the insurance community in a meaningful way in the foreseeable future? To answer that question, let’s take a look at how Watson can help insurers transform the customer experience. Tech-savvy insurance customers are becoming… Read more »

Who is Driving the Digital Customer Experience?

For the last two decades or so, insurers and brokers have focused on internal systems and processes in order to improve efficiencies for underwriting, claims, and client service. Marketing had little involvement. The model is changing, with marketers leveraging technology to  drive the agenda for customer interaction, with  interesting implications for the whole enterprise.  The 13th annual… Read more »

2015 Trends: A Year of Living Data-ly

It’s time for us to take our annual stab at trends and directions that are going to influence insurance technology for the next 12 months.  Last year, we saw interconnectedness as an overaching theme.  This year, we see that theme contributing to a larger construct:  The need to effectively cultivate, utilize and protect our most… Read more »

2014 Hits and Misses

As has been our wont since this blog began, we take a stab at predicting trends and directions for insurance and technology in Canada at the beginning of each year.  We also commit to give an honest appraisal at year-end, and ask for your comment. It’s time for the reckoning. For 2014, we highlighted specific areas… Read more »

The Digital Dilemma: What To Do With Persistent Analogs

Here is my “shoemaker’s son” confession:  In the emerging digital environment, I am still a bit of an analog.  While I appreciate lots of digital tools, I still cling  to some 20th-century analog artifacts.  So, to my suppliers, I ask:  As you move to the fully digital world, what will you do about people like… Read more »