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The Digital Dilemma: What To Do With Persistent Analogs

Here is my “shoemaker’s son” confession:  In the emerging digital environment, I am still a bit of an analog.  While I appreciate lots of digital tools, I still cling  to some 20th-century analog artifacts.  So, to my suppliers, I ask:  As you move to the fully digital world, what will you do about people like… Read more »

Technology and the Future of Insurance Work

During a recent episode of the CBC’s business news show, The Exchange with Amanda Lang, the host discussed the future of broadcast TV.  After concluding that the death of broadcast was closer than expected, Ms. Lang said, “Hopefully we’ll still be doing what we do.” The impact of robotics and artificial intelligence on the future… Read more »

Are You (Digitally) Experienced?

Ok. Boomers, the title of this post is a not-too-subtle nod to Jimi Hendrix, and I will drag him in later.  Before I do, we’ve got to talk about the Digital Customer Experience.  At the end, I do want your thoughts on this. Can insurance be a digital ‘experience’? According to my reading of the… Read more »

Address Loss Containment and Security at the Same Time with a Change in Perspective

Insurers frequently struggle to come up with cost-effective and timely solutions for challenges that they know they need to address. In many cases, an outside or third party can help provide the needed help with little to no capital or operational expenses required from the insurer. All that is really required is a shift in… Read more »

Brokers: Where Will You Take Cyber Risk?

In planning for the 2015 Technology Conference, my IT and Underwriting friends tell me that cyber risk is a hot topic.  For sure, there is a fair amount of discussion in the insurance and IT trade press.  However, in talking to a few organizations who are actively developing/delivering these products, I hear that there… Read more »

Survey Says: Broker/Agent-Insurer Alignment Grows, As Do Portals

A recent survey found that insurance practitioners are committing significant resources for technology to support customer service and growth.  Digging a bit deeper, we see another trend:  better alignment between insurers and brokers/agents. We’d be interested in your thoughts. Background recently partnered with Xchanging, an international business procurement and technology service provider, to conduct… Read more »

Does the Big Data Future Start with One Step Back?

The old saying, “Data Rich, Information Poor,” seems more applicable today than when it was first coined. Paradoxically, at the same time as we are facing data avalanche, the most important tool to exploit 21st-century data might be one that has been around for more than three decades.  However, this “one step backward” approach may… Read more »

Emerging Technologies and Insurance: How Do You Resource Innovation?

Do you and your staff have some extra cycles? Specifically, would you mind evaluating three, five, or maybe nine new technologies in your spare time? Just asking, because there might be a few things coming along …. We’d like your thoughts about the capability of insurance organizations to exploit new technologies.   Emerging Technology’s Impact on Insurance – Source SMA… Read more »

On Being Re-skinned: Welcome to The Intersection’s New Look

As you likely noticed (if you’ve come by this blog before), we’ve been re-skinned! It didn’t hurt too much, really, and we believe the updated look and feel, combined with new features, will make your experience with the Intersection more rewarding. We hope you’ll let us know. How did this all start? Back in October, 2010, we… Read more »

A New Era of Technology: Part 2 – Analytics

In my last post, I focused on the transformative power of the current generation of Mobile Technology. I will turn to the core of current technologies, and an example from the insurance industry. Big Data, along with his trusty companion, Analytics are what drives organizations to make decisions because…the numbers don’t lie. Gone are the… Read more »