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Application Currency: A Modernization Parable

So there you sit, in the privacy of your own office, with a metaphorical brandy in one hand and a cigar in the other. It’s been a long and expensive journey replacing those core business systems, but finally, the last of The Big 3; Policy, Claims and Billing are all running on the latest systems.  … Read more »

Policyholders Will Love That Omnichannel Feeling

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ―Maya Angelou “Customer intimacy” might be the latest catchphrase in customer experience, but I wonder how policyholders really feel about being more intimate with their insurance company. How close do… Read more »

The New Faces of Mobile Management: Engagement and Strategic Information Application

Managing mobility in an insurance organization has come a long way: from primarily clerical cost control activities, to active participation in strategic planning.  And by all accounts, mobility is on a trajectory to become a critical element in most areas in of insurance organization. We’d like to showcase the current thinking about this trend and… Read more »

Zen and the Art of Engagement Maintenance

A lot of the technology rolling out these days is focused on ‘engaging’ us. As slick as these technologies are individually, the really fine art is bring them together in a seamless customer experience.  This is being referred to as ‘omnichannel.’ Other sectors are making strides. How do you think the insurance community is doing? We’d like… Read more »

Power to the People: Technology Awards are Yours to Give

Since 2010, has presented awards for the innovative use of technology in the Canadian P&C industry. We’ve made some adjustments over the years. This year we’ve taken the next step and put one of the awards in your — the people’s — hands. It will be interesting to see the results. What’s the purpose… Read more »

How to Improve Success in Business Transformation

With all of the disruptive factors at play, ‘business transformation’ has become a strategically significant topic. This is healthy, demonstrating that senior leaders are aware of existential challenges. Commentators suggest that while there is a general understanding of the requirements and processes involved in business transformation, several factors are causing a relatively low rate of success, including: underestimating the… Read more »

Will Canada Develop Its Own UBI Path?

A number of indicators are suggesting that telematics-enabled usage-based insurance is not getting traction as quickly as some expected. However, leading Canadian telematics suppliers are actively working with insurers and brokers to develop value-added and niche products which will improve the uptake, and perhaps create a uniquely Canadian UBI profile. The US trend might not be… Read more »

Is the Purpose of Digital to Make Analog Better?

I own a good number of vinyl records, some going back almost five decades. I like the experience of vinyl better than any other reproduction of music. That said, much of the electronics that support playing the vinyl are fully digital. Is there a lesson here for digital generally, and digital insurance specifically? I’d like… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Tech, Baby: Enhancing lives every day!

Reminiscent of the industrial revolution, technology has revolutionized the way that we live. Technology has the ability to enhance our lives and simplify daily tasks by designing devices to reduce our workload. From washing machines to smart phones, technological advances have transitioned us into a state of automation. The insurance industry is no different than… Read more »

The Digital Insurance Organization: If or When?

Becoming ‘digital’ is the latest mantra.  Unfortunately, this makes it easy to dismiss ‘the digital insurer’ as the next fad. However, pressures on the industry are going to force tough decisions about product, service, and distribution.  A number of industry analysts are indicating that successful adoption of digital strategies will be a hallmark of successful… Read more »