Insurance 2023: Overview

“Insurance 2023”

The Shape of the Canadian P&C Insurance Industry

Held Thursday, October 3, 2013, at the ROM in Toronto

ICEF2014 will be held October 7, 2014.

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The world of insurance is changing rapidly and, in some cases, fundamentally. Consider:

  • consumers are more informed and more demanding;
  • regulators are changing approaches and requirements;
  • climate change is challenging underwriting/rating criteria and processes;
  • organizations are adopting new approaches to marketing and communications;
  • data and information are available in greater quantity with sometime suspect quality;
  • technology is driving new opportunities while presenting new challenges.

Forward-looking insurers need to consider: What will insurance look like – what shape will it take – over the next ten years?

A focus group, comprised of insurance practitioners and analysts has been considering the implications. Attend the Insurance 2023 Forum and hear the study team's “must-dos” to be a successful insurance organization over the next decade.


Interactive Sessions at the forum will address:

  • Data and Analytics: opportunities, requirements, constraints
  • The Communications Revolution
  • Information: Measuring, Monitoring and Predicting
  • Automotive Technologies, including Telematics and Autonomous Vehicles – implications for insurance
  • Strategies and options

See the agenda for more detailed information.

Event Details

Date:   Thursday, October 3, 2013
Time:   8:30am - 12:30pm (registration & continental breakfast 7:30 - 8:30)
Location:   Bronfman Room, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
Cost: $825 — there is a discounted registration fee of $575 for insurers or $300 for brokers who register using a corporate email address.

Forum Description

The Insurance 2023 group came together in 2012 with insurance professionals from the insurer, broker, and intermediary sectors, as well as industry watchers. These representatives provided cross-Canada input, with some external expertise from an American insurance professional.

Through collaborative discussions, surveys and industry experience, two sets of factors were developed – factors which would influence the shape of insurance a decade from now. The factors ranged from current global topics – such as climate change – to the impact of the changing ways we communicate; from mergers and acquisitions and new competitors to technologies which seem to be sprouting all around us.

This half-day seminar will provide the opportunity for you to step outside of the day-to-day (and tomorrow) issues which absorb us completely, and dedicate a little time to that next scenario just over the horizon. You will get perspectives from others in the industry about a number of changes coming at us and what they may mean. Some of these perspectives may provide new food for thought, others may validate your current longer range planning.

Please join us at this forum which will provide value to senior executives and professionals who are involved in longer range planning. Most firms today are busy implementing people and workflow environments for tomorrow. Those people who are sketching the bridges to the organization and processes needed beyond tomorrow will value the insights presented at Insurance 2023.

The Insurance 2023 Study Team

Representing brokers, insurers and long-time industry participants, the members who joined the group in the Fall of 2012 and have participated since include:

1. Bryan Bedford, Privacy Officer / Senior Analyst, Peel Mutual

2. Brian Bartosh, President, Top O' Michigan Insurance Agency, Inc.

3. Doug Grant, Partner, Inc. Toronto

4. Chris Hill, Partner, Erb & Erb

5. Dorothy Josephson, Assistant Vice President, Operations, SGI Canada

6. Catherine Kargas, Vice President, MARCON

7. Greg Purdy, Managing Partner, Pathway Partners Ltd.

8. Colin Smith, Senior Vice President, OPTA

9. Patrick Vice, Director - I/T, Frank Cowan Company Ltd.