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  • Apr. 25: Insuring the Digital Economy: New Modes, New Methods (Part 1)
    Insurers are realizing that the new digital economy is a prospect for growth (beyond cyber insurance). But insurers are also finding that they have to take different approaches to be successful in this world – and it involves making the insurance meet new demands.
  • Apr. 17: Celent Innovation & Insight Day: Pride, Optimistic Uncertainty
    Last week, I attended Celent's Innovation and Insight Day. I found my (Canadian) nationalistic pride reinforced, my questions about the evolution and impact of FinTech and InsTech addressed, and even a boost for my (American) nationalistic pride.
  • Apr. 10: Innovation, Integrity, Fintech: Pick 2?
    When we hear of 'innovation' these days, the odds are pretty good that there is new technology behind it. The question now is whether the technology innovation can maintain integrity while scaling rapidly, especially for financial services.
  • Apr. 3: Is CRM Realizing its Potential After 3 Decades?
    Customer Relationship Management offers users the potential to be more disciplined in marketing and selling products and services. But after three decades of less-than-inspiring results, is there a reason to keep it alive?
  • Mar. 27: New Customers, New Insurance products, Same PAS?
    Looking at the current state of insurers' core systems in the P&C insurance world brings to mind a proverb for paranoids: “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.”
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