ICTC2017: 15th annual Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference - Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017  

2017 Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference
“Disruption ⇒ New Realities, New Opportunities”

Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017, Allstream Centre, Toronto

Featuring the presentation of the 2017 ICTA Awards.
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The conference will be followed by our 2017 Broker Forum.

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  • Dec. 7: Emerging Tech in Canadian Insurance: Watch This Space
    Canadian insurers are investigating opportunities and developing strategies for new technologies, with an eye to ramping up over the next few years. However, those who are taking a wait-and-see approach would do well to consider some active participation as the pace is quick.
  • Dec. 4: Digital Then and Now: Why It Will Work This Time
    In 1995, there was a lot of noise about the Internet revolutionizing insurance, which would result in savvy players becoming future winners. While there was some impact, it looks like the real revolution was waiting for the “InsurTech phase.” What happened, what is making the difference, and how do you get more information?
  • Nov. 27: On Brokers, InsurTech Experience, and Friday Afternoons
    Disruptive forces are pushing into the business of insurance in a big way. In many of the pronouncements from the usurpers and commentators, brokers are pictured as dull artifacts from a long-past time. Some brokers are emulating the digital pioneers. But is the reality of customer experience a bit more nuanced?
  • Nov. 19: Infrastructure & Insurance, Risk & Reward
    Public infrastructure and military projects played a critical role in socio-economic stability in the 20th century. Insurers could expand that role to new requirements for monitoring, measuring, and mitigating risk for new assets in the 21st century.

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